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Saturday 12th May - Course Closed 10am to 6pm for ladies MWCA seniors stableford competition

Created: 08-May-18 15:29

Mid Wales Shooting Centre Challenge 2018 resumes on Wednesday Evening at 6.00 PM

Mid Wales Shooting Centre Challenge 2018 resumes on Wednesday Evening at 6.00 PM.

This weeks competition will be a straight forward 9 hole stableford. Everyone welcome.

Created: 09-Apr-18 12:43

Chairperson Report 2017/2018

Chairperson's report. 22nd February 2018.
Welcome and thank you all for making the effort to come.
Before we start I would like to pay tribute to past members who have sadly passed away during the year.
I also have many people to thank.
Firstly, I would like to thank our remaining staff and Pepi (who resigned in January) for their hard work during the past year and a special thanks to Sue for stepping in and covering some of Pepi's hours when she left rather suddenly. Dave has just finished his year as Captain and I would like to thank him for all his hard work, I'm sure you will all agree with me that he did a really good job,so thank you Dave. Thanks also to John, his vice- captain and good luck to you in the year ahead.
I would particularly like to thank all members who stepped in to help with work on the course during Warwick’s illness last summer, with out their voluntary help things would have been even more difficult.
My thanks also have to go to the Committee Members who rose up to the task in what has been a very difficult year. The meetings were well attended all year round and at some periods during the summer we were having to meet on a weekly basis. Tony Richards was co-opted on to the Committee in March and Tony took up the position of Head of House that had been left vacant. He has become an invaluable part of the team and he has made a huge contribution to the upkeep of the club house . Many improvements have been made along with the installation of the veranda. So, thank you Tony. Derrick has resigned as Head of Greens, a position he has held for the past six years, so I'd like to thank Derrick for all his hard work, it has been much appreciated. Finally I have to mention Dewi our President. Dewi has been our president for the past seventeen years and I do think we tend to forget Dewi's huge contribution to the club. At the beginning of this year Dewi expressed the desire to step down from this position, however he has now agreed to continue to be our President and the figure head of St Idloes Golf Club. The committee have agreed to relieve Dewi of all the burdens associated with this role for example keeping the winner boards up to date and preparing the Captain's photographs. So thank you so much Dewi, we all appreciate the effort you have put in over the years and I hope you will remain our President for many years to come.
I hope I have not missed anyone out and apologise if I have.
When I agreed to take on this position last year I wasn't expecting it to be such a difficult year. However having our past chairman's report and his vision for the future of St Idloes Golf Club, it gave me and the incoming committee an ambitious program to address. Aneurin pointed out that a lot of the machinery was in need of renewing or replacing, the water supply needed addressing which became a big issue during the summer months. The entrance door needed replacing as well as the windows on the car park side of the clubhouse .
To date we have replaced the entrance doors and the windows. The water supply has been addressed with a new pump and pump house, which hopefully will solve the irrigation of the greens this summer.
Last year you will all recall, I'm sure, we had many issues with the course. especially the greens. At the same time our Green keeper was taken seriously ill which left us in a predicament. The committee took complete responsibility for the state of the course but we promised to address the issue. We realised that we are not professionals and that we needed support and guidance from someone in the know. The outcome being that we decided to employ Mr Arnold Phipps-Jones, a Golf Course consultant, for one year, so this year we will be following Arnold's guidance. After much consideration and advice from Arnold the committee have decided to invest in the equipment necessary for Warrick to continue to do a good job. Obviously we have had to spend money and there are ongoing financial commitments. However as you all know Pepi gave in her resignation at the beginning of January and as far as we know we will be losing Sue sometime in the near future. Sue is at present covering the hours necessary behind the bar. As John pointed out in his report the bar was working at a loss as we were not making enough money to cover the salaries. We are a small business and no business can afford to run at a loss. As I mentioned before we have already addressed some improvements to the club house and the water supply. We have also decided to invest in the new machinery. To enable us to do this we have decided that we will not be replacing Pepi in the immediate future. The savings we make from Pepi's salary will cover the hire purchase costs of the machinery and we will endeavour to cover the bar by using voluntary help. Tony is also looking into the possibility of employing someone on an hourly basis for some of the bar work and the catering.
This year we have also decided to increase the fees by a small amount to help cover the investment we are making. I am not pretending that we have solved all our problems. We will still have to keep a sharp eye on our finances. We will endeavour to promote St Idloes Golf Club to increase Green Fees and find other ways of improving our finances. This year Tony has arranged many more Social events that I would encourage you all to participate in, as every little helps. As a committee we would like St Idloes Golf Club to flourish and in order for this to happen we need the commitment of all members.
So my last thanks of the evening has to go to all members who have continued to support St Idloes golf Club during a very difficult year and I do hope that in 2018 they will continue to do so and I hope you all have a very enjoyable year of golf.
Chairperson's report. 22nd February 2018.
Gail Beaurain

Created: 23-Feb-18 15:10
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